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On February, 16th, I was honoured to be nominated as the Conservative Party Candidate for Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge. Thanks to all my volunteers and supporters who made this possible.  Also, I want to thank Davis Friesen and all his supporters for participating in this contest.  Nominations are meant to build up the Party and I absolutely recognize  how important every member is, whether they backed me or Davis., in our hope to win back this seat from the Trudeau Liberals.

Between now and the October 21st election, there is a lot of work to do regain Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge, a seat that has traditionally been Conservative.  In the weeks and months ahead, I will be making every effort to reach out to constituents and share the positive and economically beneficial message of the Conservative Party and our leader, Andrew Scheer.


Marc Dalton CPC Nomination Press Release


For Immediate Release -June 21, 2018 

Marc Dalton has officially declared he is seeking the nomination to be the Conservative Party of Canada candidate for Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge. The riding was lost to the Federal Liberals in the 2015 election by a narrow margin.

Dalton is well-known to residents.  Elected for two terms and serving for 8 years as a provincial Member of the Legislative Assembly, Dalton says the next election will be an extremely important one for Canadians. 

Dalton stands firm with Andrew Scheer’s vision to provide Canadians with a strong, principled Conservative government. He agrees that increasingly Canadians are disturbed with Justin Trudeau’s divisive left-wing policies and that people are frustrated as Ottawa waste billions of dollars running up massive deficits for next generation to pay for. Dalton echoes the sentiment by Scheer that Canadians are worried about the Trudeau Liberals’ ideological crusade to remake Canada and his lack of leadership in combatting terrorism and extremism here and abroad. 

Dalton believes his deep roots living in and serving the community, the connections he’s made with thousands of residents and his efforts advocating for individuals, businesses and community organizations could very well make the difference of winning the election against the incumbent Liberals. “I have broad support and I am confident that not only Conservatives but many centrist voters from other parties will also support me federally as they did provincially.”


In late August, Dalton is a delegate at the Conservative National policy convention in Halifax. It is here that many of the platform policies for the next election will be developed.

Dalton is known for his tenacity, hard work and ability to produce results: a new school for the Albion area of Maple Ridge, funding for a new MRI machine at Ridge Meadows Hospital, four-laning of Highway 7 between Maple Ridge and Mission, funding for seniors housing and low income earners in conjunction with Maple Ridge Community Services, improved local ambulatory services and restoration of school busing to cite a few accomplishments.

If nominated and then elected as Member of Parliament, Dalton wants to help reduce the financial pressure on families through heavy taxation, much of it hidden. Transit is just one example. There are thousands of local residents who take the West Coast Express to work every day. With the Liberals removing the transit tax credit, the extra cost to Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows riders is up to $440 a year. Dalton enjoys the work of advocating and going to bat for others. He is happy with the multitude of success stories he has seen accomplished at the provincial level and looks forward to the opportunity to do so federally.

Background: Dalton is a long-time teacher in Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge, having taught at both the secondary and elementary school levels. He has a Bachelor’s degree in French and History and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, both from SFU.

Dalton was born in Germany while his father served in the Royal Canadian Air Force overseas. Growing up on military bases across the country gave him an interest and appreciation for Canada from his early years. Marc’s heritage has deep Canadian roots.  His mother was French Canadian and traces back to the founding of New France in the early 1600’s. Dalton speaks French and represented the Legislature provincially and nationally at Francophone events. Marc is Metis on his father’s side and is a member of Metis Nation British Columbia. As one of Dalton’s portfolios, he served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Aboriginal Relations for British Columbia’s 70,000 Metis.

Dalton’s broad life experience helps him connect with people. He served in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Communications reservist. He went on to dedicate years working in a non-denominational faith organization that reached out to the needy in Central America and inner city work in Canada. He was a pastor in the Vancouver area and today continues to volunteer with organizations such as the Friends in Need Food Bank, the Salvation Army, and his local community church.  Dalton was a member of the Teamsters in his employment with SFU Athletic and Recreation Services while earning his university education. He understands the importance of small business and the private sector for our economy and well-being. As an elected official, he assisted local and provincial businesses with challenges they faced to help them be more successful.

Marc resides in Maple Ridge and is married to Marlene, his wife of 33 years. They have three adult children, Hannah, Justin and Simone

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